Fantastic service, very helpful before placing my order - swift response
via email. placed the order and quickly received my order (5 bar stools) -
their delivery setup and payment network works very well. Ordered Liam bar stools in black - very satisfied - easy build.

Amoroso Family, Montreal, Quebec

I've had tons of compliments on the Elie Bar Stools since I bought them, as they really match with the décor of my home. They were very easy to assemble, all parts were in the box.  They are quite comfortable, and the quality seems quite good. I'm really glad I made this purchase.

Jane Claire, Quebec

These stools are great. Great price for the superior quality that I have seen in furniture stores near me. The shipping was really quick, after placing the order I received it within 4 days to my home in Calgary, Alberta. There was a little hiccup, one of the L-keys were missing from one of the 4 stools I bought. I just used an L-key in the other box. I contacted them just to make sure they were aware, they were quite responsive to my minor complaint and they gave me a discount on my next purchase. I definitely will buy from them again. I plan to change my bed frame, so this coupon will come in handy!

David Lansing, Calgary, Alberta 

A friend of mine bought similar bar stools on Amazon, but they paid $189 not including shipping. When I saw, them listed here for almost half the price WITH free shipping to most of Canada, I had to try buying them. I was expecting to open them and be totally disappointed. but when I got them I was pleasantly surprised - they are sturdy and seem to be very well built. Thankfully, there is a plastic ring at the bottom of the bar stools which makes them anti-scratch, so my hardwood floors HAVEN’T been scratched.

William Skinner, Edmonton, Alberta.
Quality of the Chairs was good but I have a complain about the delivery. The delivery company called & told me they will come between 2:30 to 4:30 pm but later on they called to tell me it will have to be scheduled for next day. When I called the store, customer service was very prompt in taking action. Though I still got the delivery next day but 2 people called me to apologize for the inconvenience caused. They gave me a 5% discount coupon. 
Pierre & Julie, Laval